Soul Portal Portrait Experience

Soul Portal Portrait Experience

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These Soul Portal Portrait Paintings are visions channeled from meditating on the energy of your soul, with the intention to open a visual healing portal into your souls essence. You can tap into this healing vibration any time you look at your custom portrait, or listen to the channeled Soul Song that is also included in this experience. They can serve as visual and auditory reminders of your higher self, to help you during meditation, and support all forms of soul healing and shadow work.

I have found through my own personal journey in painting, that my work often contains messages from my soul that are slowly uncovered throughout the processs of painting and even after I am done. I feel paintings are reflections of our inner world that can aid in the process of our spiritual evolution. As I look back on my portfolio of work it is like looking into where I was on my journey at that moment of time, with meaning that can often develop and change because lessons and healing often spiral. Deeper meaning can be found in these paintings throughout the passage of time. As we grow, the painting may even start to make more sense, because the messages from our soul are timeless and are meant to aid us on our quests to acheive that growth. That is what I would love to give to you, the opportunity to see and hear your souls highest healing messages in the form of art and soud

Each portrait may include visual light codes, archetypal figures, spirit animals or light beings that come through in my visions when meditating on your energy. We will discuss during your session what I am seeing, and you will have the opportunity to give your input into the final design.


*Included in Experience*

1.Hour long healing session/interview:

This hour long healing session will give us a chance to talk about your souls journey, and dive deep into your energy in the present moment to discover what vision your SOUL wants to manifest in portrait form. There will also be a long distance reiki session given throughout the session. 

2.Soul Portal Portrait:

Each Soul Portal Portrait will be painted and shipped on 16x20 inch unstretched canvas. You will receive your portrait rolled, and can either frame it or hang it on your wall as is.

3.Channeled Sound Healing Soul Song:

Once we have completed the healing session, and I am in the process of channeling your portrait, I will also  record a live channeled sound healing performance To connect you with a healing song Specific to your Souls energy. The song on mp3 will be emailed and able to download along with your digital photo.

4.High Quality Digital Photgraph of Soul Portrait:

A high quality digital photograph of your completed Soul Portal Portrait is included in this healing package, so that you will be able to easily email or share your Soul Portrait with others online and on social media.