My work visually explores connection: to mother earth, to each other, to our higher selves, and to our all encompassing consciousness. Images come to me as messages from Spirit: spontaneously, through meditation, dreams, and psychedelic journeys.

Through the depiction of archetypal figures, (animals, landscapes and symbols) I aim to manifest these dreams and glimpses of another world into artwork that hums with energy and downloads into the viewer these timeless divine messages. By way of my experiences with Ayahuasca, Iboga, and other plant medicines, I have journeyed through different states of consciousness that have strengthened these visions, and allowed me to deepen the connection that I have with my higher Self.

As I continue to grow and live from my heart, guided by my Godforce signal, my style has become more lush, more intricate, and a stronger reflection of my soul. I choose to create art as an instrument to bring more understanding, acceptance, beauty, love, and healing into the world.